5 Reasons I Take Time to Journal

We all have emotional days where it feels like you might just explode. Like a storm cloud is looming right above you. You try your best to not take it out on friends, coworkers or family members but you have to unpack somewhere. Sometimes the issues that are racing through your mind are too personal or maybe you’d rather think things through yourself first. In cases like that keeping a journal is an amazing asset. I know what your thinking who has time to journal? Before you say no here are 5 reasons to journal.


Writing about how you feel can be peaceful. Having the freedom to let everything out without the fear of judgement from others can be liberating. There’s not putting on a mask you can just be honest. Regardless of if your day has been amazing or if your day was terrible you get a chance to let your emotions run freely and a rare chance to ditch the filter.

Self Awareness

One perk that comes with keeping a journal is becoming more self aware. The more you write the more you get to know yourself in various ways. Such as habits that annoy you and others that bring you joy are brought to the forefront.

Let’s in the Sunshine: Gratitude

Sometimes venting can be necessary but other times we don’t pay attention to things we are grateful for. When I journal I aim to write just 2-3 things I’m happy or grateful that happened that day. This allows me to let some much needed sun shine on my day; gratitude for my day. Reading over those simple events and thinking back to them can bring a little light into your day.

Self Growth

A reward that comes with time and effort after keeping a journal is the ability to see ways you’ve grown as a person. Imagine being a fly on the wall looking at yourself 3 years ago. What ways have you changed personality or outlook wise? Having something to look back on let’s you see just how much you’ve have changed what habits you’ve let go of and ones you haven’t.

A Necessary Selfishness

You’re out with your closest friends and family and there’s something on your mind that you’ve been wanting to talk about all day. You can’t get a word in between the news of a bad breakup or this funny story of your nieces and nephews. So you decide to wait another time to talk about your important issue that your dying to let out. Instead of waiting you can be as selfish as you want and talk eh– write about as much as your want. There’s no waiting for the right moment or feeling like you over shared. Keeping a journal I have found can be a necessary selfishness that you don’t have to feel bad about later.

Leave a comment and let me know what inspires you to journal? Or how often you journal! Love & Light to you all thanks for reading!

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