4 Tips on becoming a Relaxation Boss

Photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels

Ah stress, a daily occurrence that is inevitable. A true annoyance to you both you and your sympathetic nervous system. So you want to relax huh? Let’s talk bubbles in the tub, yoga outside in your backyard like the god or goddess you are. We’re talking mediation, chakra healing. You finally decide if not declare to find time to relax. You reign in your glory and marvel at the mere thought. Strolling with some pep in your step towards the fabulous solution of self care. Your alone, at home, a coffee shop or perhaps shopping with random strangers. Fishing for the thought of how do I relax? Well, thought you’d never ask here are 4 simple ways that I’ve discovered work for me.

Tip 1: Get to know yourself

This one I admit at first may sound redundant but lets think on this. Everybody is different, different stroke for different folks. No? Okay.

One thing I eventually noticed I had the habit of doing is trying things that relaxed other people. My friends and co-workers would tell me about these amazing experiences. I found myself not liking things that seemed to please everyone around me except me. I was a alien!

The nail shop is a place of honor, chemicals and creative spark. Don’t get me wrong, I love soaking my feet in a nice Epsom salt foot soak; that I make at home and isn’t so bad if I do say so myself. I would go to the nail salon with friends, family and hate it. The gossip, the out of nowhere constant questions of my apparently deprived love life and current aspirations. My indecisiveness would appear when I struggled to pick a color that would define me for the next week or two. Point is, when you know yourself your better able to put your self in a relaxed state. For me, the anxiety of being around so many people ruined the relaxing experience for me. Now will I never go to a nail salon. No. I would go but not to relax. I found that a better way for me to relax and unpack my stress was by doing internally nourishing things such as writing, listening to music, soaking my feet at home.

Tip 2: Don’t abuse your wallet

Photo by Robert Bogdan from Pexels

“Put that wallet down!” Oops who said that…lowers shades and looks around guilty. Yes, in the beginning relaxing sounds like a rather harmless task until you start buying your way to relaxation. Put down your mink coat and stop waving at the peasants beneath you! The “I deserve moment”.. yeah we’ve all been there. When it comes to relaxing your wallet is not needed as much as one might think on the yellow brick road of serenity. There are so many things out there now a days! Dry brushing, yoga, yoni steaming, heck a deep relaxation massage which I’ve all tried BTW. The downside these can be expensive. I love massages their my favorite thing next to a dark chocolate bar. But, a good massage alone ranges anywhere from $50-120 (In my area that is). Unless you have a lot of cheddar in bank or if your like me and have a lot of cheddar in the fridge. You learn to reward yourself with those type of things occasionally.

Pause I know what your thinking she’s hating on my relax game. I’m not, by all means treat your self, I’ve tried them all. Wonderful experiences but they do cost a pretty penny. Relaxing shouldn’t be something you always need to save up for or plan for. Stress is surely not saved up so relax often…snaps finger.

My advice, when your first trying out your me time game is to brainstorm simple tasks that cost less money. Watch a show, have a glass of wine, some of my favorite me time tasks if you’d like to know click right here.

Tip 3 Keep it simple yet consistent

At 1:00 pm, I will be taking a bubble bath. 1:15 pm I will be soaking my feet followed by 2:00 pm a brisk walk in the park. 2:09 forget where I am and when the amnesia settles scramble to pick up my kids.

If you want to be a me time boss its best to keep it simple. Tov lo sung it best. No? Okay. When it comes to relaxing its best to keep it simple at least when you start. I know you might have oodles of ideas for your me time. Most of us in today’s society are busy and a bit scheduled. Which brings me to this simple yet effective tip. Give your self at least 15 minutes and if you can an hour dedicated to yourself. Decide on how often your going to follow your me time regime. Once a week on Friday or 30 minutes a day. There’s no right or wrong way. Relaxing is an investment in yourself and your health. Think of it this way the more you give to yourself, the more you can do for others. You’re just trying to give all you can. If you need an excuse always say its for my health because in essence it is. If you often find yourself burning out this could be a awesome way to avoid burn outs. You’ ll thank me later.

Tip 4: Always relax on the go

I know that look, your looking at me like I’ve grown two heads. Your feel bamboozled and confused. Before you click away let me explain. Aside from your me time bliss schedule relaxing on the go is sort of like you would say a added bonus. Its guilt free desert and I’m not talking splenda here.

If you have 5 minutes in between a class or a meeting you can mediate. Yeah I went there. All you need is headphones, a place to sit, your phone and you can pull up an easy 5 minute mediation video to listen to.

Oh no, your phone has been captured an held captive by an evil battery until you attach a cord. Okay yea, or you can say your phone died. Fear not, you can try yoga breaths. Simply close your eyes and breath in counting to 5, pause briefly and release your breath counting to 5. All you have to do is focusing on your counting and breathe.

Now that you’ve learned tips on how to relax like a boss. Let me know in the comments ways you like to relax? Thanks for reading and happy relaxing!

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